PAVATEX – a company from Switzerland

What we do

Since its establishment in 1932, PAVATEX has specialised in the manufacture of high-quality woodfibre insulation systems for the building envelope. Over 80 years of experience and innovation make PAVATEX the leading supplier worldwide.

PAVATEX offers outstanding insulation solutions, both for new buildings and for the renovation of existing buildings. The ecological and sustainable woodfibre boards easily meet all the requirements for modern insulating materials and bring along a great many additional advantages. They reliably protect against the cold in winter, the heat in the summer and shield the occupants from the noise of the outside world. They are free from harmful substances and, thanks to their vapour permeability, enable healthy and pleasant rooms as well as secure constructions. At the end of their life time the woodfibre insulating materials can even be composted or thermally utilised.

What’s important to us

PAVATEX stands for sustainability and ecological construction. The environmental aspect has played an outstanding role since the founding of the company. Well insulated buildings rank among the most important factors of climate protection measures. Through the use of PAVATEX woodfibre insulation materials, energy requirements are lowered, emissions of CO2 are reduced and carbon is bound by the structural use of wood. By connecting climate protection with living comfort, PAVATEX systems represent the perfect building envelope for sustainable building projects.

The PAVATEX production locations in Cham (CH) and Golbey (F) are among the most efficient and environmentally friendly in the industry. PAVATEX attaches maximum importance to energy efficiency and sustainability, both in the selection of the raw materials and in the manufacture and transport of the woodfibre insulation boards. The renowned natureplus association has honoured these efforts: it has awarded the PAVATEX insulating materials its coveted certificate and thereby confirmed their environmentally friendliness and suitability for healthy living.

Who we are

The PAVATEX Group based in Cham (CH) was founded in 1932. Since 2013, the new production facility in Golbey (F) has supplied products that complement the product range from the home factory in Cham. PAVATEX employs more than 200 workers. PAVATEX is the leading producer of high quality wood fibre insulation systems for modern building shells. The permeable but airtight PAVATEX wood fibre insulation systems provide protection against the cold of winter as well as the heat of summer. As it combines climatic protection with residential comfort it represents the perfect insulation for sustainable building projects. PAVATEX products constitute the ecological alternative to conventional insulation materials.

The previous shareholders of the PAVATEX Group have sold their company to the SOPREMA Group. The SOPREMA Group acquired 100% of the shares of PAVATEX Holding AG on May 20, 2016 and therefore now controls all the companies of the PAVATEX Group.

SOPREMA was founded in Strasbourg in 1908 and is today a global specialist for the sealing and thermal insulation of buildings and infrastructure with 6.260 workers. The group has over 42 production sites in Europe and North America.

SOPREMA is committed to the PAVATEX brand and Switzerland as its business location. The PAVATEX sales organization in the key countries of Switzerland, Germany/Austria and France are to be rapidly integrated into the current SOPREMA country sales organization. The PAVATEX production sites and other functions are to be gradually incorporated into the SOPREMA organizational matrix. This ensures that the potential for mutual synergies is quickly realized.