Application ⁄ Roof

Insulation above rafters

In above-rafter insulation, the insulation is laid completely across the rafters and provides the highest quality insulation for your roof. Thanks to the uniformly thick, homogenous insulation layer above the rafters, thermal bridges are avoided and your roof receives seamless thermal, heat and noise protection without weak spots. The positive side effect is that the rafters only have to meet structural requirements.

Insulation system between the rafters

The most commonly used form of roof insulation in sloping roofs is insulation between rafters. Here, the thermal insulation is precisely installed between the rafters. Ideally, an additional insulation layer of ISOLAIR or PAVATHERM-PLUS is to be laid above the rafters as a sarking to reduce thermal bridging in the rafter area.

Roof renovation system from outside

Usually, with renovation of a roof from the outside, the existing insulation must be removed and then an airtight layer must be looped over and between the rafters - a complicated process. With LDB 0.02, PAVATEX is the first manufacturer to offer an airtight membrane above the rafters that ensures a secure, airtight closure at the roof. The combination of PAVAFLEX between the rafters and PAVATHERM-PLUS as a sarking is an extremely efficient and cost-effective system.

Roof renovation system from inside

With the roof insulation from the inside option, every requirement for an old building?s roof can be satisfied. With the PAVATEX internal roof renovation system, you can easily improve your roof to a level that corresponds to currently-required standards for new construction.

Flat roof insulation

Flat roof insulation - Wood Fiber Insulation - top products for more than 80 years - PAVATEX wood fiber insulation materials with reliable strengths: heat protection, heat protection, sound insulation, fire protection and much more. PAVATEX wood fiber insulation panels - versatile application for insulation of the entire building envelope. Let the PAVATEX specialist advise you!